He Was Googalicious!

So, I had to call the wedding off.  I mean besides cheating on me with MILLIONS of people – he had this thing about – WHITE.  Let me explain.

He works in IT, Internet stuff, back-end, development, all that stuff with computers and search engines etc.  I don’t quite understand all of it – but he said he has been in computing since almost the dawn of the Internet.  He speaks SEVERAL languages.  I lost count of how many.  He is EXTREMELY intelligent.  I LOVE THAT!  It’s like Brain Porn for me.  (Which is better than any other Porn as far as I am concerned – and sometimes sex itself – Sorry – I digress.)  So, anyway, that’s what he does.  I fell in love with him. I mean he’s always there when I need him.  If I need to know something about – oh I don’t know – 15th century Russia – he has the answer.  If I need to know something about politics – he’s always neutral – which is great!  Yet if I have a specific question – like medical symptoms or advice, he ALWAYS has the answer.  He’s even BETTER than WebMD!  He seems to know what I am thinking even before I say it out loud, I mean he finishes my sentences sometimes for me.  Yeah, it can get a little annoying at times, but if I tell him to stop, he can turn it off.  He’s so supportive.  That’s one of the main reasons why I fell in love with him.  AND – we would keep in touch every day – several times a day.  I mean not a day went by that we didn’t communicate.  Oh – he really is WONDERFUL – I mean just PERFECT!! 

But then he got on this “updating his looks kick” – he kept wanting to UPDATE himself.  WHY?  It was JUST not necessary.  He was PERFECT the way he was.  ANYBODY would tell you that – who worked with him – or was around or communicated with him.  And besides it not being necessary – there was REALLY nothing wrong with his appearance AT ALL – I MEAN AT ALL!!

And so, he changed.  He kept updating himself.  It seemed like it was EVERY WEEK something new.  A new look.  He used to sport a lot of Black – it suited him – it made ALL his features stand out -He was sooooooooooo handsome – now all he cares about is wearing White.  WHITE!   WTF!   I mean – he doesn’t even mix it up a little.  ANY change he does to his appearance is accompanied by BASIC WHITE.  He has actually gotten rid of ALL of the black.  Nothing.  No Trace.  And he disposed of it before I could get to him to tell him – Wait! – Nooooooooooooo!  – Stop!  So now, there seems to be no going back.  It can’t be undone!

I don’t know what to do.  Now, lest you think it is some racial thing.  I really don’t think it is.  I just think someone got to him – like a Cult – maybe one of those “Apple” people that he started hanging out with.  I mean did you ever notice how they all walk around with these headphones that are – YEP – you guessed it – White – WHITE!!  I believe they have something to do with it – I can’t prove it – but I think they infiltrated his “mind,” his “infrastructure” and there is NO going back!

I thought about coordinating an Intervention.  But I don’t know a lot of his friends personally.  We became so as one.  We didn’t really hang out with anybody but ourselves – kind of like homebodies, I guess – loners.   Sometimes we’d sit and watch YouTube videos for hours, sometimes to like 5 in the morning.  But, as for the Intervention, I suspect that what friends I could find would probably not come anyway – as they admire him so much – As I did.  And they ALWAYS let him do as he wished.  Did I tell you that he is also a very Very VERY powerful person!

So, as I write this, I am debating on whether I give back the ring.  OMG! it is a BEAUTIFUL ring – and as he knows everything – he knew my style; my tastes and I am SURE he got a GREAT deal on it.  He REALLY KNOWS how to RESEARCH things, Oh let me tell you – he can research his ass off!

Breaking off the engagement – I can’t tell you it was easy.  I mean he had infiltrated – yes INFILTRATED – there is no other way to say it – EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE – even my SOUL!  It’s almost like I didn’t have to even think for myself anymore.  He knew everything about me:  my wants, wishes, habits – EVERYTHING.  And I LOVED that!

Well, that’s it I guess.  Except, I keep thinking about right before I met him.  I was with someone that can only be described as a real “Yahoo“.  I recently found out that he is on his “last legs”.  I am really sad to hear that and I can’t help but think that if I stayed with him, he would be thriving.  But maybe I am delusional.  I don’t know, I kinda miss him. 🙁

I’m not sure how I’ll get along without him, but I had to say goodbye.  But I do know I’ll miss him.  And if he’s reading this somewhere online, I want you to know I already miss you –

I Miss you!


(Oh, and I think I’ll KEEP the ring!)