If Jesus’ Real Name was Bubba

1.  The Gospel, according to Bubba

2.  In the name of the Father, Bubba, and the Holy Ghost

3.  The Book of Bubba

4.  Bubba Superstar

5.  Thousands of Hispanic people would name their male child – Bubba

6.  The Resurrection of Bubba

7.  The iconic pix of J.C would be replaced by Bubba in overalls, one shoulder strap down – with a white tank top

8.   Instead of “Bless you” – “Y’all feel good now, Hear?”

9.  The popular gum would obviously have to change its name to “Jesulicious.”

10. And in Music:

   “Bubba is just alright with me, Bubba is just alright, oh yeah!“

   “Bubba Died for Somebody’s Sins But Not Mine”

   “Your Own Personal Bubba”

To Be Continued…