People That Offend Me And That I Deserve A Public Apology From:  Part 1

1.    People who whistle

2.    People who do the things that they say they are offended by

3.    People who insist you eat humus

4.    The “Kars4Kids” commercial

5.    The spelling of “Kars4Kids.”

6.    Children

7.    People who say “N-word” instead of Nigger (Note: I am also offended by the use of the “a”)

8.    Joy Behar

9.    People who abbreviate already short names – such as calling Bob  – “B”  (They should be sacrificed for the greater good!)

10. People who think African Americans don’t blush – #blackblushingmatters

11. The phrase African American

12. People who show me pictures of their cats

13. People who show and send me WHAT THEY THINK are humorous memes about cats

14. Cats (Note: that includes pussies)

15. People who are not atheists