Twitchy, The Adventures of. Episode 1

Twitchy, the rabbit has a little black top hat.  After all, if his owner/magician Kevin the Magnificent had a top hat – why shouldn’t he, he thought – and one day, one magically appeared on his little head – when Kevin took Twitchy out of his hat.

Life as a magician’s rabbit was not all tricks and treats.  Twitchy wanted more. So, one day he decided it was time to move on, and off he went.  However, he did leave Kevin a note; it would be pretty rude not to do so, and Twitchy prided himself on his manners.


Twitchy was a rabbit of few words.

But where should he go, what should he do. What should he see, he thought? Was the world his… oyster?

Twitchy pondered the possibilities.

(Twitchy doesn’t change his expression)

But then it occurred to Twitchy he hadn’t any currency.  And currency he often heard it said –(or was it money?) was told to make the world go ‘round.’  That was the saying.  But he didn’t much care about or for that, as he knew the world would always spin in some direction – to certain degrees and within the spectrum of the laws of physics.

Twitchy was a very intelligent rabbit

But he knew that this currency – money  – was necessary.   What was he to do?

He then remembered he once saw a program with a woman who could wiggle her nose and appear marvelous things.  Twitchy wondered if he could do that as well.  After all, he did that annoying rabbit out of a hat trick day after day with Kevin the Magician, and indeed he too must have such extraordinary talents. After all, HE WAS special… he thought!

Twitchy was a very self-confident rabbit.

So he decided to give it a try.  But should he really wish for money?  That was so plebian, he thought – he’d rather something with more substance.

A carrot? No, No No… Twitchy abhorred carrots.  How could one eat something that came out of the ground with all that dirt on it?

Twitchy did despise getting dirty. 

Besides, he preferred a good steak and kidney pie.

It then occurred to Twitchy it would be beneficial to have a nice, bright coat on his travels.  Purple, he thought, with real silver and gold buttons with the initial “T” engraved on them and a luscious black velvet collar.  That would fit him…  to…  a “T.”

Twitchy found himself so amusing!

(Twitchy doesn’t change his expression)

Just the thing he thought to keep his luxurious fur nice and clean.

Twitchy  loathed uncleanliness

Twitchy prepared himself to commence wiggling.

First, he shook himself grandly.   Then he stood up on his haunches, took off his hat, and set it before him.  He then closed his eyes, concentrated very hard, and wiggled his nose with all the might and conviction of a Goliath! He imagined a most wondrous coat of splendid regal purple and a velvet collar with glistening gold and silver buttons. It even had velvet cuffs with one gold and one silver cufflink engraved like his buttons with the letter “T” and a lace handkerchief in the right pocket.

And also in the back of his formidable mind, he imagined…

… gold and silver coins falling from the sky like shimmering rain, and then hundreds upon hundreds of green pieces of paper with faces of great men and women, some long gone and stately, landing softly like bird’s feathers or leaves on the ground from a fresh wind-blown tree on a pre-autumn day before him.

He concentrated and concentrated on these images so hard that he even broke a sweat

(Close up of twitchy – but no sweat – then 2nd close-up with the magnifying glass held up to his face magnified 1 trillion times, and we finally see ONE minuscule bead of sweat)

After a respectable amount of time, he opened his eyes and what did he see…


Twitchy was perplexed

(Twitchy doesn’t change his expression)

Well, never mind, he thought, I will just try and concentrate harder next time.

With that, he shook himself off and picked up his hat, and just as he was about to put it on his small but superlative head…

Twitchy was known for many things – but not his modesty

… what did he see inside…

The most exquisite purple coat with a velvet collar with silver and gold buttons than HE even imagined.  He pulled it out and poured hundreds upon hundreds of little pieces of paper and coins he knew as currency but what the “Talls” called money.


Twitchy said

Twitchy was a rabbit of few words.

Twitchy had discovered that he needn’t go through all that concentration nonsense because it wasn’t in his nose, but it was in his hat.

Twitchy had a magic top hat!

TBC (To Be Continued…)